WATCH: Rand Paul Exposes the Real Reason Democrats Support Open Borders

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Sen. Rand Paul has explained the real reason why Democrats support the flood of illegal immigration at the southern border.

In an interview with conservative talk show host Dave Rubin, Paul explained that the real goal of the Democratic Party is to give illegals the right to vote:

I’m actually not against immigration, I’m actually for more lawful immigration but we need these very narrow bills. Instead they say we’ll increase employment-based or work-based visas but only if you give the 18 million people who are already here the right to vote… and we’re not going to make that trade.

Paul added that giving illegals the right to vote is, of course, about advancing their long-term goal of turning Texas blue and building a Democratic supermajority:

Everything about immigration is about power politics, it has nothing to do with the individuals. There is no sort of compassion… All they care about is votes. Their whole goal is to take Texas. They’ve been trying to take Texas for 20 years. The only way they take Texas is legalize a couple of million people here illegally and let them vote, the sooner the better. 

If you let people vote immiediately, particularly if millions come across, they come across with their own agenda… and once they get normalized they will bring in the rest of their family or they are here for nefarious purposes. 

The Kentuckian’s comments come amid the raging debate in Congress over the recent bipartisan immigration bill, which a vast majority of Republicans including Paul have confirmed they will not support. 

Paul said in an interview with Fox News this week: 

The bill is flawed from top to bottom. No conservatives in the Senate will vote for this. No conservatives in the House are going to vote for it. The House speaker says it’s dead on arrival. It really shows incredibly bad strategy on Senate Republican leadership to bring this up at all.

He added that the “current law is sufficient” and that Joe Biden has the executive authority to stop illegal immigration if he so desired:

When President Trump was president, his administration was able to control the border without any changes in the law.

Republicans have to realize when they vote as a minority to drag us into this, the majority of the caucus doesn’t want it. It really adds to discord and strife and really makes many of us wonder about our leadership just dragging us into Democrat deals that are all the Democrats and a handful of Republicans. Just doesn’t seem like a very unifying way to run our caucus.

While Congress fails to agree upon a solution, the immigration crisis gets worse by the day. According to some estimates, at least 10 million people have illegally entered the U.S. since Joe Biden took office in 2021, with that figure rising by thousands every day. 

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