How Young Men Can Be Role Models

Adam and Eve were put in charge of the Garden of Eden, but Adam was ultimately accountable for what happened there. That’s what makes his failure so devastating. Not only was he with Eve when she plucked forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but he took a bite himself (Genesis 3:6).

The world has been suffering ever since.

Unfortunately, many young men don’t know their purpose. They are wandering aimlessly and need help discovering God’s plan for their lives. Whether they’re healthy or disabled, wealthy or poor, a student, a mechanic or an accountant, they’re called to be something and do something for God.

How do we prepare our young men to channel their talent and strength toward expanding God’s kingdom?

I’m discussing this question with author Brant Hansen on Focus on the Family with Jim Daly. Brant encourages men – especially young men – to force themselves out of the house, away from technology, in order to “show up” somewhere for somebody and actively make the world a better place. God calls men to invest themselves within their spheres of influence. Like Adam in the Garden, masculinity is about taking responsibility for something greater than oneself.

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